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Who, what, where, when and why is Fil Baker? What makes him tick*? Just who does he think he is? Who cares? The answers to these** and many other questions will not be found in the ensuing pages. What will be found if you're still prepared to go ahead is: a melange of stuff covering various obsessions, interests and passing fancies; more information than you could ever want or need concerning my family. Oh, yes - and long sentences (with no time off for good behaviour).
 * A hand-wound timing-device
** Apart from that one


OK. As you insist, I'll give a brief intro - but no more, mind.

I'm of a Certain Age, married and between 1999 and 2002 was of two fixed abodes.

Work (Software Consultancy in those days) decreed that from January 1999 I lived mostly in Germany (first Frankfurt, then Cologne and latterly Dreieichenhain, which is a picturesque little town between Frankfurt & Darmstadt (but don't try to pronounce it after a couple of litres of Hefeweizen) whilst my wife Denise and the kids - Rosemary, now 19, and Timothy, now 21 - remained back at Baker Acres in Addlestone, England (talking about me, I hope; after all, there is only one thing worse than being talked-about...). Be that as it may, since the work dried up in Germany too (June 2002) they have once again enjoyed my company (it sez here) back in GB, whilst I try to find some way of paying the bills. More on that topic can be found on the CV page under "Fil's Stuff".

The family is usually owned by two cats: Pixie - a long-haired black-and-white item whose main claim to notoriety was having killed a Woodpecker in the garden - was mown down by a car whilst in hot pursuit of a squirrel in November 2000 (talk about unlucky - what's the chance of being run over in a tree, unless by a Woody? Only kidding) but a short-haired black & white named Pippa moved in after Easter 2001. Presently the longest-serving inmate is a daft white article called Casper - although as he is also deaf you can feel free to call him whatever you like. More about My Family & Other Animals can be found on a like-named link in "Fil's Stuff" (see below); the content will expand as I - or they, if they want any editorial control - write it.

In the meantime this site will document (mostly) me and my interests but I'll try to make it interesting in spite of that. Please keep coming back, and bear in mind that this site will be permanently "Under Construction", so who knows what will be different next time you visit? I certainly don't. (A tip: try the "New Stuff" button below...) Oh, and please leave an entry in my guestbook and/or send an e-mail - I'd like to know what you think, as long as it's not too brutal...

So, if you've read this far you are probably wondering what Our Hero looks like; please direct your gaze left and below, where you should find...

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
Hello! Nice to see you. Gissa push...

Obsessions, Interests & Passing Fancies

As the photo suggests, cars and me go back a long way. I have owned a few odd-ish ones over the years; I recently sold a Russian GAZ "Chaika" limousine after 13 years of ownership, and presently own a Subaru SVX. A recent acquisition (Nobody expects The Recent Acquisition!) is a TX Tripper whose bodyshell I may well have made in 1972 - but more on that and many other motors will be found under "Fil's Stuff", below.

Hot Rods; Custom Cars, Bikes & Trikes - Custom vehicles of all sorts, actually; Sports- and Race-cars; Electric Vehicles; Airships; old and unusual Aircraft - all interest me strangely, as does Rock Music - prime examples being: The Hamsters; Doctor Feelgood; Little Feat; Never The Bride; Gary Moore; Jeff Healey; Manfred Mann; the list (and the beat) goes on...and more years ago than I care to remember, I played drums on a fairly regular basis (Q: What do you call someone who hangs around musicians? A: A drummer). I also design, build, modify and repair electric guitars (see:

I enjoy the Theatre, reading, and, and...

Fitting it all into one life is the problem; if I had the time I'd invent the 36-hour day.
If you have the time - and inclination - you can send me an email, add your comments to the guestbook and/or plunge farther into Fil's World of Stuff by exploring the links down below...

Incidentally...I apologise to anyone receiving spam purporting to come from "". Some variety of pondlife is using it as a cover for his/her/its junk and you may be sure that it didn't originate here. Mercurian Megamumps on the lot of them, I say, even unto the third generation. Please enjoy the rest of the site.

Exit, pursued by a panther. Or possibly a lynx (geddit?) 
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