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Here is a list of changes made since October 15, 2001 to the original site. Because of the total re-furbishment, most of the links are either dead or pointing to very old versions of the pages, but !'m sorting them out as quickly as possible. I apologise for the interruption to the service. Please call back and try again soon. Thanks.


Date of ChangeSectionDescription of Change
August, 2007 Whole site Whole site re-jigged again, following change of host and a couple of years off the air
December, 2004 - ?, 2005Whole site Whole site re-designed by HOT STUFF Intergalactic Ltd
26 October, 2003Cars'R'MeChaika at Goodwood page added
13 December, 2001Cars'R'MeTX Tripper Specifications and Road-Test extract pages added
12 December, 2001Cars'R'MeDeceased Maestro page slightly re-designed and friendlified
10 December, 2001Cars'R'MeTX Tripper Rebuild-log page added
04 December, 2001Cars'R'MeStimson Minibug page revised with "Stimson Gallery" link
03 December, 2001Cars'R'MeGAZ-13 Chaika page revised with cool new "Hammer & Sickle" gifs
22 November, 2001Cars'R'MeA-H Sprite page revised with new background; additional text & pictures
22 November, 2001Cars'R'MeTX Tripper page added
14 November, 2001Cars'R'MeGAZ-13 Chaika page now has additional "For Sale" information
08 November, 2001Hindsight"TX Year" chapter updated with new pics & revised blurb
26 October, 2001Cars'R'MeMGA page now has revised appearance, more photos & more blurb
24 October, 2001My Family, etcCasper page now has additional photos
23 October, 2001Cars'R'MeAustin Ten page now has revised appearance and refreshed photos
20 October, 2001Cars'R'MeMorris 8 Hot Rod pages redesigned to include cool (Hot) new background
16 October, 2001New StuffCreated
15 October, 2001Reflected GloryMain page re-designed; Ed Roth page added

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