Fil meets some famous people and here are the gruesome, sycophantic pictures to prove it. (Just whose glory is reflected upon whom - and how much - is for you, the jury, to decide.)
Mama, don't you worry about me: I'm nearly famous now... 

 Ed "Big Daddy" Roth: Pinstriper; Car- and Trike-Builder; creator of Rat Fink; Nutter First Class and associate of Kenny "Von Dutch" Howard.

A hero of mine since my early teens (having seen his vehicles and 'Monster' T-shirts in Hot Rod Magazine), our paths eventually crossed in 1995 in Monroe, Washington at the 1st "CruZin Magazine" Nationals. On being introduced by Walt Kaplin (one of the event-organisers) Ed proceeded to greet me in German. By dredging up some school-German I was able to give some kind of reply, whereupon he must have considered me OK and reverted to English. Witness (witless?) the relief on Fil's face.

As it turned out, our meeting was in the nick of time (given the frequency of my visits to the US) as on April 4th, 2001 "Big Daddy" passed away. His legacy to us is the cars, trikes, Rat Fink and who-knows-how-much original artwork & striping.

Hit the link and brace yourself for The Grapes of Roth...
 Squadron Leader Andrew Green - Very Fast Chap.

What a tall fellow (said Grinny, the 8th Dwarf). This picture was taken in 1994 outside the workshops of G-Force Engineering, standing in front of the well-advanced chassis/frame of ThrustSSC. Andy was so inspired by our meeting that he went straight out and set the World's first supersonic Land Speed Record (in 1997, having paused only whilst the car was completed, tested, etc, etc).

A better-quality picture will be subsituted as soon as I can find it!

Click on the link to learn all you never knew about the ThrustSSC project.


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